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Name:Don Flack
Birthdate:Dec 4
Location:New York, United States of America
Don Flack
Full Name: Donald Flack Jr
Sex: Male
Age: Forty-one
Residence: Lower East Side, New York City, New York
Hometown: Queens, New York
Sexuality: Heterosexual. (Open depending on verse)
Occupation: Homicide Detective
Family Members: Mother, Father, Younger Sister, Older Brother.
Relationship Status: Single (depends on verse)
Height: 6'3''
Hair Colour: Black, starting to salt and pepper.
Eye Colour: Blue
Sense of Style: Professional
Typical Scent: Drakkar Noir

Character • • •

Donald "Don" Flack Junior is a homicide detective for the NYPD. At forty-one years old Don Flack is the best of the best when it comes to what he does, at over eighteen years on the job he is not backing down any time soon.

At 6'3'' he stands tall amongst most, but it's not just his height that makes that so. His hair is salt and peppering, though still remains its dark brown hue. He's thin, with a well kept athletic build.

Don Flack works hand in hand with New York City's crime lab and has for several years now building up a strong relationship with Mac's team. When it comes to his job he's dedicated, to the point of obsessiveness. It's not often that he lets his perpetrator get away. Even if that involves chasing him down himself on foot. His job often times takes prescience over his personal life. He's a man of his word, and while he puts on the tough guy exterior he's a kind and caring man underneath it all, but he's certainly not one to mess with. Especially when it comes to those he loves and cares for.

Verses • • •

Canon/Open- [Tag]
Dons Canon/Open verse is up to date on all episodes. There is likely to be spoilers and such if you are not up to date, so I've warned you now. (Major spoilers will be placed behind a cut.) Angell his partner, has passed and he's currently in the process of 'getting over it'. He is in no relationship and is currently not openly looking for one. He is going to AA meetings to tame his slight alcohol dependence, cleaning himself up after realizing what a fool he had been and knowing just how much was at stake job wise if he didn't.

This character has been completely revamped. All old verses have been deleted. If you are interested in verses let me know, please read this before asking to be in a verse with me. I also have no official canon mates as of yet. If interested let me know.

Out Of Character • • •

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